CMHC Mortgage Calculator and Mobile App for Homebuyers

mortgage calculatorCMHC is pleased to introduce two new tools to help Canadian home buyers make informed and responsible home buying decisions.

CMHC’s new Debt Service Calculator allows homebuyers to evaluate their financial situation and understand how much they can comfortably afford to spend on a mortgage. The easy to use mortgage calculator allows users to quickly estimate their gross debt-service ratio (GDS) and total debt-service ratio (TDS), both important measures in assessing their financially readiness for home ownership. The Debt Service Calculator can be accessed on‘s website or through this link.

CMHC’s new ‘Ready, Set, Home’ mobile app provides consumers, especially first-time homebuyers, with comprehensive CMHC information and tools at their fingertips. The app helps homebuyers keep track of the details throughout the homebuying process and provides access to a variety of helpful calculators, articles and other resources.

Recognizing the increasingly fast paced, electronic and mobile environment, the new ‘Ready, Set, Home’ mobile app is a free application that offers quick and convenient access to CMHC’s extensive housing information. The app can be downloaded to your Blackberry, Android or iPhone device at

These new tools are the latest additions to CMHC’s comprehensive suite of resources that are available to support Canadian homebuyers.

For more than 65 years, CMHC has shared a wealth of knowledge and housing expertise, as well as useful tools and guidance, to help Canadians enjoy an informed and assured home buying and homeownership experience.